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September 19, 2014


We're proud to introduce the latest member of the InstantMoney family of sites - Instant Bingo Money. From the same team that brought you and, has a simple focus: To bring you the absolute best in free and no deposit bingo money deals.

Free Bingo, No Deposit, Win Real Money - How Does It Work?

Some people raise red flags in their mind when they see the word "free" in a promotion, and it's hard to blame them. "Free" can often indicate some sort of tortuous fine print or hidden sales pitch, but with free bingo money the deals are actually quite simple and above-board.

It works like this: Online bingo rooms are in serious competition for customers. They spend literally millions a year in advertising on TV, in magazines and via the Internet. At some point, some bright bloke in marketing said something like: "Hey, why don't we try just giving some of that money directly to potential customers to try our room?" and no deposit bingo was born. Bingo rooms give you a bit of cash, and they get the chance to develop a long-term relationship with you as a customer. That's why rooms are willing to offer promotions that let you play free bingo, no deposit and win real money. Easy as that.

For answers to more common questions regarding free money for online bingo, read on or contact us with your enquiry.

Can I Just Cash Out My Free Bingo Money Without Playing? While it would be nice if you could, it would also quickly mean the end of such offers on the part of online bingo rooms. The whole point of the free bingo promotion is to attract new customers to the room, so the offers are always structured in a way that prevents you from just taking the money.

That doesn't mean you can't win real money and cash out your winnings - all of the offers we list do allow you to keep your winnings. It just means you'll need to do a touch of reading to get familiar with the terms of each individual free bingo offer.

Is There a Maximum Amount I Can Win With My Free Bingo Bankroll? Sometimes rooms will restrict the amount you can win without making a deposit to a certain maximum. We note these terms in our reviews when they occur. Not all bingo rooms have maximum win policies for no deposit players.

How Do I Cash Out My Winnings From Free Bingo Bankrolls? The answer to that question varies from bingo room to bingo room. We provide snapshots of the withdrawal policies of each room in our reviews - just look for the ratings section titled "Withdrawal Requirements" to see what conditions you'll have to meet to cash out winnings from your no deposit bingo bonus.

Are All Of InstantBingoMoney's Free Bingo Money Offers No Deposit Deals? No. We list both promotions that require some deposit - like bet365 - and promotions that don't require any deposit at all - like Sky Bingo. Additionally, some offers do not require an upfront deposit, but do require some deposit before you can cash out your winnings for security and verification purposes.

I Already Have an Account at the Bingo Room - Do I Qualify? Not usually. Most offers are restricted to new players, as no deposit bingo offers are designed to attract new customers. We suggest just trying a different bingo room in this case.